5 Steps to follow after saying YES!


Congratulations! You’re engaged! We’ve been dreaming of this moment since we were little girls. A million thoughts must be going through your head but no worries we’ve got you covered on what to do next.


1.Call your VIP’s and Enjoy the Moment!

You’re mother has been waiting for this day longer than you! Make sure you give her the news you wouldn’t want your closets relatives finding out the nail tech knew first. Being engaged means you get to plan the wedding you always dreamed of you also have the opportunity to spend the rest of your life with your soulmate, enjoy it!

2.Come up with a budget

It’s time to get down to business. Weddings can get pretty pricey, from your wedding dress all the way down to chairs! It’s easier to get yourself organized with a ballpark budget without this it will be quite difficult to book the right venue and vendors for your price point. We recommend to also determine a rough guest list to ensure an accurate and reasonable budget.


3.Pull out the calendar & Set a date

It’s great to have a range of dates before you tour venues many factors go into this will it be a fall wedding? How’s the weather in spring? We all know how hot South Florida could be for a summer wedding! All of these take a big part in the planning department.

4.Book your vendors!

Once you’ve reserved a venue and date make sure to book your Vendors! We tend to book extremely quickly having a date can insure everything you will need can be rented ahead of time to avoid last minute stress!


5.Get organized and contact a coordinator

Making sure everything runs smoothly on you wedding day is almost impossible. It’s your big day you shouldn’t have to worry, hiring a coordinator will take a giant weight off your shoulders. Leave all of that to that professionals!