Month: January 2014

Dinner Parties

Who says dinner parties have to be boring, stale, and awkward? We happen to think they can be fun and exciting and a great alternative to going out with friends. From experimenting with different foods and culture to fun furniture and themes, the options are endless to take your dinner party from drab to fab!… Read more »

Weekday Events

This week at EVoga, we had a week jam-packed with weekday events, and our weekends are pretty calm, compared to the previous weekends. Most people think events are a “weekend thing” but they’re so much more than that. What about a business meeting? A convention? A weekday wedding? A museum gallery opening? A business grand… Read more »

DIY Wedding Ideas

A wedding is a reflection of the couple. It’s a personal experience and small touches can make it even more special. Of course, some couples don’t really have the time to dedicate to a full DIY wedding, but there are some quick, easy DIY wedding ideas couples can do in their free time that really… Read more »

Event Branding

Branding at events has become so much more than just slapping your logo on something. It can be used in almost any capacity you can think of. From monongrams, gobos, lighting in your brand’s colors, event twitter pages, event hashtags etc. the possibilities are nearly endless, but beware, because sometimes it can be a bit… Read more »

Event Furniture

Event furniture is becoming a fast-growing trend. Whether it be a loveseat as opposed to separate chairs at a sweetheart table, couches along a dance floor for guests to rest their feet, taking a dinner party from boring and mundane to fabulous and exclusive, or even specialty chairs dispersed throughout a cocktail hour, or for the… Read more »

Popping the Question

Getting engaged is one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life and the men usually know how to make it extra special and personalized. Traditionally, proposals have happened at fancy restaurants where the ring was brought out with dessert and the man got down on bended knee next to the woman’s seat. They’ve also… Read more »

Wedding Monogram Etiquette

Monograms have become an increasingly popular essential element of modern weddings. They’re timeless and beautiful and can be designed in many different ways. Monograms consist of 1-3 letters representing a person or couple’s initials.   But how much do you really know about monogramming? Did you know that there’s monogram etiquette. Just like table manners,… Read more »