Month: February 2014

Backyard Wedding

This past weekend we were given the opportunity to contribute to a fabulous backyard wedding, planned by “Wedded to Perfection”. We were awed to find out that this “backyard wedding” wasn’t as simple and plain as it sounded. We arrived at this magnificent house in Coconut Grove, ripped from the pages of a magazine. We were… Read more »

Rustic Elegance

It’s been a crazy week at EVoga! Events on top of events on top of rentals, we are crazy! But we’re exciting about our growth. In keeping with the trend to grow, we are trying to stay on top of the curve when it comes to new wedding trends and one that we happen to… Read more »

History of Valentines Day

There are so many legends and myths about the history of Valentines Day. We aren’t necessarily historians, but we do think the most widespread, well-known story happens to be incredibly interesting. The holiday’s roots are in the ancient Roman festival of Lupercalia, a fertility celebration celebrated annually on February 15. Pope Gelasius I reinstated this… Read more »

Event Entertainment

Event entertainment is becoming more and more popular. It’s no longer enough to have just a DJ, sure, it’s still fun, but why not engage your guests? Live bands, Hora Locas, performers, Mariachis, theatrical performances…the possibilities are nearly endless. Having live entertainment creates an experience, not just an event. Live Bands Probably the most common… Read more »

Backyard Events

Who doesn’t love a good backyard party? It’s a bit more casual and relaxed and the hosts get to see their house all decked out. Lately, it seems backyard events are becoming more and more popular. There are so many different ideas for décor and themes, it’s even more open than a ballroom event. We’ve… Read more »

Event Industry Blog Ideas

We’ll be the first to admit it. Sometimes we have trouble thinking of new, creative things to post on our blog and other social media sites. We turn to our trusty friend google to get us out of the creative slump. There are so many ideas for every type of blogger. From preppy bloggers sharing… Read more »

2014 Wedding Trends

On Thursday, we attended The Knot’s webinar where they introduced some 2014 Wedding trends. And let’s just say 2014 looks FABULOUS. Here’s why.   Woodland Weddings We are loving this new shabby chic trend. It’s reasonable, rustic, and glamorous all rolled into one.   Unplugged Weddings A lot of couples nowadays are opting out of… Read more »