Month: April 2015

Destination Weddings!

Let’s get married in South Florida! Destination Weddings! It’s no secret that couples love Florida weddings. Easy to reach, balmy and laid- back, it’s a slice of paradise right in your back yard. What’s not so well known is the diversity of its many wedding-ready properties, from quaint inns to historic hotels to sprawling beach… Read more »


It can be really difficult to pick and choose what theme, idea or most important what colors you want for your big special day.  We dream of this day our entire life, and we honestly believe we have the day all figured out. But the reality is that we don’t. Time changes, so does the… Read more »

Stunning Ceremony Structures for Your Big Day!

Your wedding ceremony is undoubtedly the most photographed moment of your entire wedding. From your walk down the aisle to your first kiss (not to mention the sweet vows in between!), you can bet your photographer will capture every single moment. So it’s important to put some serious thought into what kind of ceremony structure… Read more »

DIY Welcome Bag!

  Having a wedding out of town and want to let your guest know how much you appreciate them for attending the most special day of your life.     Than think no further, it’s super nice to leave your guest with a welcome bag in their hotel room once they arrived. You don’t have… Read more »

It’s a Draping Thing!!

Draping Is Like Cupcake Frosting – It Isn’t Essential, But It Makes Everything That Much Yummier! I Mean, Who Doesn’t Love A Cupcake Topped With A Giant Mound Of Swirly, Sugary Frosting? Maybe Dentists? Everyone Knows That Frosting Is The Prettiest, Most Delicious Part Of Any Baked Good. Even If You Are One Of Those… Read more »