Event Lighting For Unique Miami Venues

On the day of your wedding, there is always one special WOW factor that you want people to remember your day by. What’s one way of doing this? Simple, event lighting for unique Miami venues!

Most people know that at weddings you have chivari chairs, floral centerpieces, and sometimes even a few pieces of boutique furniture to fill the room. What really stands out and makes your day memorable for years to come, are the details that will accentuate your wedding and put it all together for a fabulous day!

Hand picking the perfect venue for your day can be stressful but is definitely critical. Many times for the bride, this could mean more stress in her wedding planning (aside from picking out a dress). There are brides that are okay with hotel venues that can be pretty similar and not so luxurious. Then you have the brides that want the absolute best venue; the venue that leaves you saying “Wow”, they know what they want and once we know what they want, its in our best interest to bring it to life with our event lighting experts.

Here are our top Miami venues notorious for having the most exquisite uniqueness for lighting your special day:


EPIC Hotel Miami 

The EPIC hotel is as eye candy as it gets. When looking for luxury in a hotel, Epic has it covered! With the sensational surroundings and chic details this venue is sure to wow the guests at your event. The unique ceiling bulbs reflect any additional event lighting  you use and create a magical glow that adds to the ambiance. The up-lights that give this room its purple glow can be changed to compliment your colors and theme, and pin-spotting on the flowers ensure that their natural color isn’t lost in the color wash. Epic is quickly becoming a favorite for locals and tourists alike!



Alfred I. Dupont Building 

With 17 stories of historic beauty, this venue is sure to put the extra in extravagant. The ornate iron-wrought bank vault & teller window in the north ballroom is easily going to be the favorite spot for one of a kind photos! Fitting up to 150 people in the north ballroom and 550 in the south ballroom, is gorgeous yet versatile. Although up-lighting and pin-spotting are a given for any event, the high ceilings and blank walls can be used as a canvas to bring your vision to life! At this wedding the Bride & Groom went with projected gobo patterns on the wall to give the illusion of foliage. The good thing about projected gobo lighting is that many patterns are available to fit your theme and custom monograms or logos can be created for your event.  This is certainly THE spot we absolutely love to bring to life with specialty event lighting! 



Westin Colonnade

Pictures do no justice for the event spaces at the Westin Colonnade Coral Gables. The popular Merrick Ballroom, is a neoclassical marble-tiled rotunda sitting under a 60- foot dome with the biggest center piece you could ever hope for, a classic fountain! The round ballroom is surrounded by columns that add to the old world feel and are beautifully enhanced with the right event lighting. Break up patterns projected on the draping gives the walls unexpected texture. Illuminate eternal light on your special night at this stunning venue.

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Miami Biltmore Hotel

The historic and Mediterranean architectural feel of this ancient beauty is a gem. You can see this all throughout the elegant ballrooms of the Biltmore. With cathedral arches, decorative hand-painted ceilings, and intricate chandeliers, the Biltmore creates the idealistic setting for your wedding or event. The space allows for flawless event lighting to wash the room all throughout. The up-lights really enhance the natural structure of the space while the pin-spotting keeps the florals crisp and white. The break-up patterns on the dance floor are an unexpected detail your guests are sure to love!

When it comes to planning the perfect party the venue is only half the battle, and no matter how beautiful the space it is it can always be enhanced with the right event lighting. With so many ways to light up your night the possibilities are endless and can be combined to create a look that is unique to you!

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