Mix & Match: 4 ways to incorporate this trend at your next event!

Hi Friends! If you have been following us on Facebook and Instagram you may have noticed that this week we mentioned one of our favorite trends circling the events world right now, which is the mix & match trend! Once upon a time if you were planning an event you picked a neutral linen, an accent color napkin, and if you wanted to get really crazy you added a sash to your chair that matched the napkin. The industry is changing and that’s a good thing, the new rule is there are no rules and it is so much more fun that way!

 Raise your hand if you are a little worried right now and aren’t sure you can pull this look off. Don’t worry, we know that mix & match may be a little scary for some of you and to be honest not so long ago it was scary for us all! So we are gonna break it down for you in 4 easy ways you can master the mix & match look for your next event!

1. Tables and Chairs

One of the easiest ways to try this trend is to mix up your tables & chairs. You no longer have to stick to one style and adding variety keeps your guests engaged and excited to see what you have done with the space. By mixing different table heights, shapes, and styles you give the room more dimension and a more playful look.

2. Linens

If you are a little bolder you can mix & match with your linens. This is such a fun way to incorporate this trend and there are so many ways to approach it! Once you know your color story you can explore linens in different patterns and textures that compliment each other and speak to your look in a way that is cool and unexpected!

3. Layout

We are noticing that more and more clients are opting in for a more free flowing and laid back reception. The easiest way to accomplish this is by mixing & matching the layout. Instead of a sea of formal sit down dinner tables mix some tables with lounge groupings. Guests can choose to sit where they would like and this makes it easier for everyone to mingle with each other! This is not the best option for coursed out meals but if you are going for a more casual dinning experience then this is perfect for you!

4. Centerpieces

Different style centerpieces are another easy way to mix & match at your next event. You can use a variety of styles and switch between high and low arrangements to add dimension to the room and keep it interesting. This could also be a penny saver because instead of doing all big arrangements mixing in smaller ones can offset cost a little, double win!

We hope this has helped you feel more at ease with trying one of our favorite trends, try one or try them all!

If you would like more guidance for your up coming event please feel free to contact us and one of our event specialists will get in touch with you!

Have a great weekend!

Spring Forward with Big Vision and Great Performances

As Miranda Priestly said in The Devil Wears Prada “Florals…For spring. Groundbreaking.”.  This spring we want to set aside the typical flowers and pastels we usually see and explore a different angle. Themes of rebirth and renewal express the real purpose of SPRING. Spring also refers to love, hope, youth and growth. In this case, and especially in our time and city, we want to bring new trends and services to make your special event not just beautiful but thought-provoking and modern. There are many details that go into creating a special event, but final touch for a perfect event comes when you decide to incorporate a WOW moment with something new and different.

Let’s start by considering what moment of the event you want to add the WOW factor. There are no rule books for when to do it, we can start right at the kick off of the event: The Ceremony. This the first impression your guests get and it sets the tone for the whole event. An outrageous chuppah can really take your guests breath away and add a touch that is uniquely you. Walking down the aisle is also a magical moment, doing it with fireworks or a special performances can have everyone swooning from the beginning (and you know those photos will be showstopping).

{Event Design by: Bong Group Luxury Weddings}

If you prefer to WOW after ceremony, you can get really creative. Something extravagant and unexpected like a live opera show that unfolds throughout dinner by performers disguised as waiters, live entertainment like a mime, or as modern as LED Screens with images or videos that drive the theme home.

{Event Design by: Bong Group Luxury Weddings}

Usually, clients want to leave the best for last! Anything you do at this time will get the crowd hyped up, that’s why my recommendation will be to breathe new life into the event with a live band performance, laser shows, or even a celebrity performance.

Most importantly, we must really connect and understand your vision so we can manage the whole concept from the initial idea, to creation, to execution. We really want to make sure that the vision you are imagining is executed so flawlessly that not only your guests are delighted but you too are WOWed by these moments. Timing plays the most important part of the process since everyone underestimates the element of surprise and you want them to be knocked off their feet! Finally, we will have to execute the result of what is expected and what you have been imagining all this time to make sure it goes PERFECT.

Last but not least, an event should be two things: innovative or fantastically original. Whether you’re planning a wedding or a corporate gala you must strive to stand out and set new trends so; it will not just make your event something different and out of the norm but it will put our city on the map for innovation in our industry.

Let’s embrace our opportunities with our desires to enjoy a wishful event with a new face and result!

Miami Venues-An Exploration of Color

Nothing inspires the mind to create like color and Miami Venues have all the color you need!

When planning an event here the options are endless; from impeccably styled hotels, century old estates, and lush tropical settings you don’t have to look far to be inspired. When considering design and location, it is important to look at what the venue itself has to offer so that the designs compliment each other rather than fighting to overpower. Let’s take a lap around the color wheel and see what some of our favorite Miami Venues have to offer!

Vizcaya Museum & Gardens

Even though I am there every other weekend for events, I still fall in love all over again each time. This century-old estate has one of the most stunning and well manicured gardens in South Florida. You can’t help but feel like you are stepping into a time portal to a time long forgotten. This Miami Venue is perfect for the couple looking to have an outdoor wedding with lots of greenery (Hello, Pantone color of the year!).



Alfred I. Dupont Building

This is our golden boy. This Miami Venue, which was a bank many moons ago, screams opulence with its marble floors and gold accents. The neutral stone interiors are complimented by stunning gold gates that welcome you into either side of the ballroom. Unique characteristics such as empty bank vaults and ornate bank teller counters give you a chance to do something different and will have guests talking long after the party is over! If gold is your metal, Dupont is the venue for you!


Faena Miami Beach

Last but not least, I love the Faena in Miami Beach. This venue is for the bold and fearless. Their use of colors, textures, and art is truly intoxicating with something different to feast your eyes on at every turn. The most prominent color here is definitely red and it is carried throughout the entire property in different ways. The owners personal collection of Damien Hurst pieces also add to the bold and unique look of Faena Miami Beach. If you are looking for something very different from anything else, this is it but you have to leave the blush tones at home.

I hope this has inspired you to take a closer look at your venue and see what it can contribute to the look of your event. Always remember that inspiration can be found in the most unlikely places, you just have to observe with an open mind.




Idea’s for the perfect Valentine’s Day date!

Valentines day is today! Whether you are spending the day with your significant other,  Having a couples dinner party or maybe spending the day with your favorite ladies! Valentine is a great day to get together with your loved ones and celebrate the greatest thing on earth… LOVE!


   If you are having trouble thinking of what to plan for your significant other no worries we got you covered! From a romantic dinner to a private movie screen for two! Valentine’s Day is about showing your loved ones just how much you loved them (and an excuse to have a party is always a favorite in our book)

Avoiding traditional bright red and pink color palette will bring your event to life! By mixing different combinations together can really engage your guest to the unique décor elements you have put together.

The table setting will set the mood for your lovely dinner, Pink napkins folded into a heart will be a great touch and easy to execute! Floral centerpieces are a must during Valentine’s Day! Weather this is a dinner for two, 6 or your lady friends combining florals and candles would be a great way to capture the romance!

Have A Happy Valentine’s day to you and your loved ones from the Evoga Team !

High Season Event-Tips for Booking Smart


There are a number of things to keep in mind when booking your event in high season. When is high season you may ask? It typically runs from October to May. Rather than tell you what NOT to do,  I will be giving tips for booking your event in high season as well as how not to lose your head in the process.

Booking your event

For starters, you have to decide your budget. This is something that a lot of the times may not cross your mind and we see it all the time when clients start picking and choosing without having a budget. Budgeting for a special event is essential for its success. When you plan accordingly, it’s easier to figure out where to spend your money to make your guests enjoy your soiree without breaking the bank. These special events encompass everything from a family reunion, to corporate events, to a large wedding with hundreds of friends and family. Always remember to leave room in your wallet!

high season

Paying your deposit ahead of time is a big one! If you’re a procrastinator at heart, this is something you should probably mark your calendar, place sticky notes around your house, or set reminders on your phone for. Paying your deposit ahead of time is vital for reserving your date. This way, you can be sure that your special event is reserved and you can sleep at night.

booking your event in high season

One of my personal favorites; RESERVING YOUR VENDORS EARLY. This will be your golden ticket when booking your event in high season. Many times, when you start planning for your special event, there is a back and forth with choosing between 20 different vendors. I think finding one vendor that can provide you with multiple services is the best way to go, and ensures you save a little on labor and delivery fees. When sticking to a one stop shop, they usually have a list of preferred vendors they can suggest for other crucial elements like florals and catering.

event in high season

When booking your event in high season, one thing is for certain; things may get a bit stressful. This is where the logistics come into play. Get organizationally focused; so much so that you create a timeline of your special event. The logistics of following through with events also includes small but major details that can make a HUGE difference. Heed weather and/or other potential annoyances that can happen. Remember to take it one step at a time and have a back up plan for everything.

booking your event

By following these tips for booking your event in high season, you are sure to have one of the greatest, hassle-free booking experiences.

The end result will be spectacular!


Event Lighting For Unique Miami Venues

On the day of your wedding, there is always one special WOW factor that you want people to remember your day by. What’s one way of doing this? Simple, event lighting for unique Miami venues!

Most people know that at weddings you have chivari chairs, floral centerpieces, and sometimes even a few pieces of boutique furniture to fill the room. What really stands out and makes your day memorable for years to come, are the details that will accentuate your wedding and put it all together for a fabulous day!

Hand picking the perfect venue for your day can be stressful but is definitely critical. Many times for the bride, this could mean more stress in her wedding planning (aside from picking out a dress). There are brides that are okay with hotel venues that can be pretty similar and not so luxurious. Then you have the brides that want the absolute best venue; the venue that leaves you saying “Wow”, they know what they want and once we know what they want, its in our best interest to bring it to life with our event lighting experts.

Here are our top Miami venues notorious for having the most exquisite uniqueness for lighting your special day:


EPIC Hotel Miami 

The EPIC hotel is as eye candy as it gets. When looking for luxury in a hotel, Epic has it covered! With the sensational surroundings and chic details this venue is sure to wow the guests at your event. The unique ceiling bulbs reflect any additional event lighting  you use and create a magical glow that adds to the ambiance. The up-lights that give this room its purple glow can be changed to compliment your colors and theme, and pin-spotting on the flowers ensure that their natural color isn’t lost in the color wash. Epic is quickly becoming a favorite for locals and tourists alike!



Alfred I. Dupont Building 

With 17 stories of historic beauty, this venue is sure to put the extra in extravagant. The ornate iron-wrought bank vault & teller window in the north ballroom is easily going to be the favorite spot for one of a kind photos! Fitting up to 150 people in the north ballroom and 550 in the south ballroom, is gorgeous yet versatile. Although up-lighting and pin-spotting are a given for any event, the high ceilings and blank walls can be used as a canvas to bring your vision to life! At this wedding the Bride & Groom went with projected gobo patterns on the wall to give the illusion of foliage. The good thing about projected gobo lighting is that many patterns are available to fit your theme and custom monograms or logos can be created for your event.  This is certainly THE spot we absolutely love to bring to life with specialty event lighting! 



Westin Colonnade

Pictures do no justice for the event spaces at the Westin Colonnade Coral Gables. The popular Merrick Ballroom, is a neoclassical marble-tiled rotunda sitting under a 60- foot dome with the biggest center piece you could ever hope for, a classic fountain! The round ballroom is surrounded by columns that add to the old world feel and are beautifully enhanced with the right event lighting. Break up patterns projected on the draping gives the walls unexpected texture. Illuminate eternal light on your special night at this stunning venue.

3D8A0808-1 (1)

3D8A0806 (1)

Miami Biltmore Hotel

The historic and Mediterranean architectural feel of this ancient beauty is a gem. You can see this all throughout the elegant ballrooms of the Biltmore. With cathedral arches, decorative hand-painted ceilings, and intricate chandeliers, the Biltmore creates the idealistic setting for your wedding or event. The space allows for flawless event lighting to wash the room all throughout. The up-lights really enhance the natural structure of the space while the pin-spotting keeps the florals crisp and white. The break-up patterns on the dance floor are an unexpected detail your guests are sure to love!

When it comes to planning the perfect party the venue is only half the battle, and no matter how beautiful the space it is it can always be enhanced with the right event lighting. With so many ways to light up your night the possibilities are endless and can be combined to create a look that is unique to you!

Visit our website to see some of our work and get in touch with one of our event specialists to discuss your event lighting options!



Evoga Event Productions – Meet The Team!

Evoga Event Productions has come a long way from when it first opened. The events industry is a challenging one, especially here in Miami but we have faced those challenges head on and used them to fuel our growth.

In preparation for the upcoming season we have added some fresh new faces to the Evoga Events family, they want to take this opportunity to introduce themselves to you!


Jessica Perez


Jessica Perez is a born and raised Florida girl with a sprinkle of Cuban spice! She has long had a passion for organizing unique events. Although she started out organizing on a smaller scale, she realized this was her true calling during her time working in Disney’s hospitality field. When she relocated to Miami after experiencing the fast paced event productions at Disney, she knew she wanted to continue to build her career in the events industry. Jessica is our high energy go-getter and has been a great addition to our team!

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” -Walt Disney

Manuel Polanco


Manuel Antonio Polanco is our vibrant Venezuelan with a zest for life! Although he is new to the event industry, he draws experience from his past endeavors and his attention to detail ensures that whatever he puts his focus on is a success. As our public relations coordinator he loves attending social events where he can get inspired for future projects and make new connections. His goal is to be able to rise to the top as a leader in his field and be able to pay it forward to those who need it most.

“Your vision meets its destiny, and your ideal fantasy becomes a reality!”

Tasha Carattini


Tasha Carattini is a Miami Native, with Argentinian and Puerto Rican roots. Her journey into the events industry is an unconventional one. She got her degree in Culinary Arts and started a boutique catering company. As she got more involved with the design and production of her clients events she realized food wasn’t her only passion! Eager to gain experience and knowledge of the industry she shifted her focus outside the kitchen. She is currently building her career here at Evoga, but can still rock your taste buds. Tasha is blazing her trail in the event production world, and it’s clear to see the force is strong with this one!

“No vision is too big, the possibilities are only limited by your imagination”

Cynthia Nugiel


Cynthia Nugiel is a Miami Beach girl with Honduran descent. She first realized she had a passion for the events industry when she was put in charge of coordinating the Earth Day festival at her gym, It was such a success that she was asked to coordinate it the following year. Determined to make a name for herself in this field, she is currently completing her Bachelor’s in Event Management. As the youngest member of our team, she is diving in the deep end of events with no fear!

“Here’s to the journey, not the destination!”


Whether you’re looking for specialty lighting to set the mood, draping and furniture to complete the look, or entertainment to get the party started Evoga Event Productions is your one stop shop. We can’t wait to meet you and assist you with all the production needs for your upcoming event!

Visit our website for more information on the services we offer!

Hello Summer Wedding Palettes!

With Summer officially being here, also comes the transition of colors being used at weddings! For each season there are preferred colors that are “In”. Lets see just how well some of these summer colors mix and how their beauty come to life.

Here are our top 7 favorites!

Yellow, Gray, Silver:

For a more contemporary look, best suited for an outdoors wedding yellow, gray, and silver have become such a popular color scheme to use this summer.


Magenta, Poppy, Yellow:

These beautiful, bright colors are perfect for the summertime. Since these colors pair so perfectly and remind me of flowers, they would blend nicely outdoors with the green grass.


Navy, Yellow, Blue: 

The first thing that comes to my mind when I see navy and yellow is the ocean. These nautical colors are a refreshing mix of palettes for a cool summer day in a garden or even by the ocean.

navy-blue-calla-wedding (1)

Teal, Orange, White: 

There is something so refreshing and happy about teal and when you pair it with a color as tangy and uplifting as orange, followed by the classiness of white, you get an extraordinary combination.


Sapphire Blue & Creme:

Sapphire blue is a very passionate color which speaks volumes. I see this color to be paired beautifully with creme by the water and sand.


Cinnamon, Yellow, Beige:

If you’re the kind of bride that isn’t into bright colors or being so loud, this is definitely the way to go. Cinnamon is warm, yellow is summery and warm as well, and beige is a quiet and pale sandy color. Together, these palettes bring a soft and warm ambient feel to a wedding. Great for summertime!


Purple & Turquoise:

Last but definitely not least, purple and turquoise have made such a statement this summer for top wedding color palettes. The subtle turquoise paired with the very spiritual and beautiful aura of purple make for this divine color combo perfect for summer weddings in or outdoors!

turquoise-and-puruple-wedding-color-inspirations-for-2014-summer-weddings-e1467063110595 (1)

These are some of the summer wedding color ideas that are sure to have you say ‘I DO’.

Thinking outside the Booth

The photo-booth has come a long way from it’s humble beginnings, what started out as a small curtained booth that gave you four frames to be romantic, goofy, or formal is now so much more than that. Although they lost popularity for some time with all the advances in technology and everyone having a camera right in their pocket, they made a pretty big come back in the world of events. The photo-booth became the unexpected must-have for any and every affair and in the world of events it can be challenging to avoid being a flash in the pan. Today’s hottest event must-have is quickly brushed aside for the innovating new toys of tomorrow.

At the BizBash Expo in Fort Lauderdale yesterday it quickly became obvious to us that the photo-booth isn’t going anywhere. They are more fun and interactive than ever and a sure way to keep your guests engaged and entertained!

Here are our top favorite new photo-booth trends from BizBash Expo South Florida 2016:

The ‘No Booth’ Booth

Gone are the days of the booth with the red curtain, your booth can be whatever you want it to be! A beautiful floral backdrop with a “mirror” across from it that actually has the camera in it so your guests can strike a pose and simultaneously have their pictures taken. Or maybe you are having a themed party, like a flower power 70’s bash, why not make your “booth” the back seat of a VW Beetle like the one offered at Yolo Photos? The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

evoga events miami

Capture Scope

Capture Pod has a few options to choose from when i comes to photo-booths. At BizBash they launched their newest addition to the line up, Capture Scope. The backdrop is set up along with 9 cameras all lined up and of course we cant forget the fun props! On the count of three jump, throw confetti, blow bubbles, or whatever comes to mind. The finished product is a colorful energetic moment captured in a way you probably have never seen before and once you do see it you’re going to want to jump right back in for another!

The GIF booth

GIFs are rapidly gaining popularity on social media, so it was only a matter of time before they sneaked their way into the event world. At SoBe PhotoBooth there was a beautiful backdrop set and a smile pod that would capture your 3 second burst. Once you are done you can either print a still photograph or send the GIF directly to your social media platforms from an iPad.

evoga gif

So, if you’re looking for a way to wow your guests the photo-booth is still a sure fire way to go. The evolution of the photo-booth has come a long way, and we cant wait to see where it goes next!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick’s Day is here! For most people this means green outfits, green beer, leprechauns and lots of gold!! Chocolate gold that is! For others they are remembering St Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland But for a selective few they chose this great holiday to share vows and celebrate their love! Having a themed wedding is always a great idea. The real question is how to achieve an elegant wedding look without leaning into the cheesy side. No worries we’re going to share some creative ideas with you!

flower crownBelt

A green wedding dress may not appeal to everyone but a nice flower crown made up of leaves or green florals can not only add a soft beautiful look but will add the perfect amount of green to your dress. Dressing accordingly is a must being unlucky on your wedding day is absolutely unacceptable! If a flower crown isn’t really your style adding a green tone belt or shoes can add just the perfect touch you are looking for.


Green Bridal party dresses are a must! You can really get creative as every green is different. Emerald green, sage, mint all work perfectly.


Going with light green florals and greeny leafs will give you a soft whimsical look which when combined with rustic tones can highlight a very earth forest feel. Creating the perfect setting for your St. Paddy’s Day wedding!


And now time for dessert! Green, white and gold calls for a very elegant and delicious St patty’s cake do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone light greens or dark combining different color tiers will help you create an luxurious cake VS a very loud all green cake. A hint of flowers will give it just the right amount of romance.