Backyard Events

Who doesn’t love a good backyard party? It’s a bit more casual and relaxed and the hosts get to see their house all decked out. Lately, it seems backyard events are becoming more and more popular. There are so many different ideas for décor and themes, it’s even more open than a ballroom event.

We’ve been fortunate enough to have the opportunity to assist planners and their clients in bringing their visions to life.


Lighting is essential to backyard events because it really creates the perfect ambiance and transforms the space.






Furniture, like with any other event, provides seating to guests but in a more comfortable way, which ties into the house venue.




Draping transforms any space and gives a classic, elegant feel to an otherwise plain backyard. It can also be used to create chuppahs and other similar tent items without the harsh look of a tent.




Event Industry Blog Ideas

We’ll be the first to admit it. Sometimes we have trouble thinking of new, creative things to post on our blog and other social media sites. We turn to our trusty friend google to get us out of the creative slump.

There are so many ideas for every type of blogger. From preppy bloggers sharing their everyday outfits to foodies sharing new, exciting recipes, blogs can have so many themes and be a creative outlet for anyone. So you may be asking yourself why we’re having trouble coming up with blog posts? Well the answer is simple; we don’t really have a theme. One day we’re blogging about branding at corporate events, the next we’re sharing furniture, and another we’re showing you the proper way to create a monogram. We have so many options for things to blog about that it’s a bit overwhelming at times and we’re sure that other event industry bloggers are overwhelmed as well. We’ve come up with a list of ideas for the stumped event industry blogger.

    • Top 10 lists


Come on, who doesn’t love a nice, organized list? Especially dealing with something you’re interested in. Top 10 lists are short, sweet, and to the point. Especially when it’s something extravagant and it has a countdown feel. How about top 10 most expensive wedding dresses ever? Top 10 ugliest cakes? Top 10 funniest toasts? The options are practically endless.


    • A day in the life


Whether you’re a planner, a lighting tech, a DJ, anything dealing with events, people are interested in you and your life. This industry is perceived as glamorous from the outside world so why not highlight that and really give them an in-depth tour of the glamour and not-so-glamorous aspect of this industry and life.


    • Highlight your recent event


Especially popular in the weddings industry, sharing photos of a recent event you produced or planned is always a good idea and the posts are only limited by the amount of events you execute. Brides find this especially helpful when they can look at other events with their colors and/or at their venue.


    • Trends


The event industry is ever-changing. There are so many trends popping up every day that highlighting them in blog posts is pretty easy and doesn’t require a lot of research other than opening up a few magazines, and who doesn’t love that?


    • Promote your products/services


Most importantly, this blog is usually a marketing tool for your company. Showcasing new or popular products on your blog allows it to reach others that it may not normally reach. On the other hand, highlighting less popular items allows you to really convince your clients that those products are versatile and can be used in many different ways and allows them to think about it differently.


    • Special Deals


To gain some hits and followers, why not offer a percentage discount on products/services for whoever reads, prints, and brings the blog to their next meeting with you? Sure, it may be like “buying” readers, but it helps and it gets them reading your other posts as well and perhaps interests them to spend more money than they normally planned because of the discount incentive. Perhaps a free furniture upgrade when you purchase 3 or more sets? It’s easy and doesn’t really cost you anything extra.


    • Contests


For those with a bit more followers and readers, why not offer contests. Make sure the prize is something you have so that it doesn’t cost you anything. Maybe free day-of coordination for the couple whose photo gets the most likes on your Facebook? Make sure voters are required to like your page before liking the photo. Most people like and forget. The chance that these voters will have an event of their own is almost 100% and they may see a post of yours later on on their timeline and therefore, think to call you.


    • Guest bloggers


Who doesn’t love a break every once in a while? Allowing a bride to blog about her own wedding is special and cute and it takes some pressure off of you, at least for that post. Don’t overuse this idea or it’ll lose its magic. Maybe once a month is a good idea and gives brides something to look forward to.

We really hope these ideas help you out of your creative slump and we’d love to see you implementing these ideas. Feel free to share links to your posts in the comments and we’ll check them out.

2014 Wedding Trends

On Thursday, we attended The Knot’s webinar where they introduced some 2014 Wedding trends. And let’s just say 2014 looks FABULOUS. Here’s why.


Woodland Weddings

We are loving this new shabby chic trend. It’s reasonable, rustic, and glamorous all rolled into one.


Unplugged Weddings

A lot of couples nowadays are opting out of the digital era and are asking their guests to turn in their cell phones at the beginning of the night or to not bring them. They want their guests to live in the moment and not try to capture the moment for later enjoyment.


Bright Colors

It’s all about color! Just because the color of the year is a softer purple, doesn’t mean all couples want the soft colors. Pops of bright colors throughout the wedding give it life and personality.


Jeweled Necklines

Now, we may not be dress experts, but we are women so we know fashion and these jeweled necklines are gorgeous. As opposed to a lavish necklace, why not a lavish neckline?


Social Media Junkies

So, one trend is the complete opposite of another. Some couples prefer for their guests to be the photographer and share their experience with the wedding. It’s a great memory to look back on at the airport on the way to your honeymoon! Most couples who prefer this option create their own hashtag and share it with their guests so that all the photos are easily accessible.


All-nighter weddings

Especially popular with younger couples, all-nighter weddings are very trendy. Add in some midnight snacks for your guests and the guests will be sure to party until the sun comes up!



We can’t get enough of all of these new floral designs. Centerpieces are no longer basic, there are so many variations and designs, and it makes our head spin! In a good way. Flowers are also being incorporated into so many more aspects of the wedding.


Photo booths

These are HUGE! And they’re not just for weddings; we’ve had requests for these at quinces and even corporate events. These are great and the photos make amazing party favors.


90s Inspired Details

Who doesn’t love the 90s? From the music to some fashion details, we’re definitely digging this trend.

Formal Dress portraits

There’s no longer a demand for a “trash the dress” photo shoot. Many brides are opting for very traditional, formal portraits.



Dinner Parties

Who says dinner parties have to be boring, stale, and awkward? We happen to think they can be fun and exciting and a great alternative to going out with friends. From experimenting with different foods and culture to fun furniture and themes, the options are endless to take your dinner party from drab to fab!

  • Specialty chairs

Instead of a plain set of chairs and an exciting tablescape that your guests can barely see over, why not some fancy comfortable chairs and a more simple tablescape. It’s more inviting and comforting for your guests and they won’t be nervous to actually eat at the dinner party for fear of messing up the ornate table décor. Here at EVoga, we love anything modern and different and our chairs are no different. We offer a wide variety of chairs that can be used at dinner parties and we even mix and match some to create a funkier feel. Take a look at some accent chairs that we offer that could be a great fit at your next dinner party or event.


Evento Evoga 057



  •  Couches

We are all about the new rustic, shabby chic trend. Part of that trend is a relaxed, comfortable feeling. We suggest replacing a side of chairs at a smaller table, with a bench. It’s more welcoming, allows guests to sit closer, and therefore the conversation, hopefully, flows better. Also, who doesn’t love eating on the couch lounging in front of the TV? We guarantee that all of your guests will be fighting to sit on the couch.

photo 33

  • Lighting

A guaranteed way to transform any event space is lighting. It can create so many different moods and effects, its ideal for intimate gatherings and large-scale events alike! Who doesn’t love a dinner under the stars? It’s beautiful and romantic but the stars aren’t enough to light up the area safely and nicely. This is where light trees come in. They come in a variety of colors and can really provide a nice ambiance. And a new type of lighting that we’re mildly obsessed with is café lighting, or string lights. They’re not your traditional Christmas lights like you may think of, these are beautiful bulbs that provide a soft glow to any outdoor event. And finally, chandeliers. These beauties really dress up an event and they’re gorgeous. They come in so many styles, there’s guaranteed to be one that matches your theme and vision.

photo 34
Monica & Manny 17
photo 5

Dinner parties are becoming a trendy alternative to a night out. There are a variety of different ways to go about executing a successful dinner party, but we think that as long as there’s a fun, positive atmosphere, happy, excited guests, and the right décor and small touches, any dinner party can be a success. 

Weekday Events

This week at EVoga, we had a week jam-packed with weekday events, and our weekends are pretty calm, compared to the previous weekends. Most people think events are a “weekend thing” but they’re so much more than that. What about a business meeting? A convention? A weekday wedding? A museum gallery opening? A business grand opening? There are so many benefits and options for weekday events and in this post, we highlight a few.


  • Attendance

Many guests will be more inclined to attend because it’s not competing with their weekend plans. Most weddings are held on a Saturday night, therefore it’s a given that there will be some overlap and competition for guests. Having a weekday wedding almost completely eliminates this competition and also frees up guests’ weekend for personal plans. There are some considerations that go along with this, keep in mind work schedules. Your event may have to end earlier because some people need to be up for work the next day, but we think it’s worth it to be able to have all of your friends and family in attendance.

  • Longer Celebrations

Holding your event on a Friday or a Monday allows you to incorporate the weekend and make the celebration three days as opposed to just one. You can get married on a Friday and spend the weekend with family and friends enjoying time as a married couple before you leave for your honeymoon. On the other hand, you could spend the weekend with events to build excitement for your  Monday wedding. These are especially ideal if you are expecting many out of town guests, that way they don’t have to entertain themselves.

  • More Choices

There are only 52 weekends in a year. If you have your heart set on a particular venue and date then we strongly suggest you reserve it about a year in advance. Most popular venues can be booked out for weekends up to a year in advance. Being flexible with your date may allow you to have your dream venue and receive all the benefits we previously mentioned. It’s a win-win.

  • Corporate Events

A usual work week is Monday through Friday. Saturday and Sunday are reserved for family, friends, and relaxation. For this reason, many corporations hold meetings, conferences, training, etc. during the week. Their attendance greatly suffers if they hold a weekend event and therefore, the event becomes a bit useless.  This week, for example, we had three corporate events. Sure they were more on the fun side, a luau, and a Vegas-themed poker party but they accomplished what they were supposed to. After a long day of breakout meetings and training, our events got people out of the office environment and out and about bonding and having a good time. Throughout daytime corporate events, its very common to incorporate team-building activities. To some, this could be monotonous and forced but most people come away learning at least one new thing. There are many benefits to team building activities such as breaking down boundaries between staff, improving creativity, improving communication, creating an atmosphere of respect among coworkers, and both individual and group benefits can be relayed back to the office. Corporate events can heighten staff morale levels, making your staff happier and ultimately more productive. By putting on an unforgettable, magical event for your staff you can show them that their efforts are appreciated and reward them for their hard work. Take a look at some of the corporate events we produced this week.

10017_749691351729986_184745263_n vegas 1536720_750373551661766_963085046_n DSC_0048

DIY Wedding Ideas

A wedding is a reflection of the couple. It’s a personal experience and small touches can make it even more special. Of course, some couples don’t really have the time to dedicate to a full DIY wedding, but there are some quick, easy DIY wedding ideas couples can do in their free time that really make the wedding special and allow for reserved quality time together. The following are some ideas created by planners. We’ve been fortunate enough to have these planners as our clients and, therefore, have encountered these ideas at various events we’ve been apart of and we’ve compiled a small list of our favorites.  

  1. Favors

Who doesn’t love party favors? Especially homemade ones that really show care and attention to detail. Most party favors are relatively small and simple, therefore making them a quick weekend project. Here are some fabulous ideas.


This idea is super cute and simple! It’s just some Hershey’s kisses and ribbon that match your colors, mason jars, and scrapbook paper. The rhyming of this tag makes it extra cute!


This idea is ideal for rustic, outdoors weddings. It’s even better if you already have a fire pit going. It’s something different and sweet and adds an extra element of comfort and family to the wedding. All you need for this one is some s’more essentials (graham crackers,marshmallows, and chocolate), some plastic to wrap it, pretty string and a tag with a personal message on it.

undomestic goddess

Ahhhh hot chocolate. Who doesn’t love some on a cold winter day? We definitely do! This wedding favor is perfect for a winter wedding or a winter-theme wedding. It’s family-friendly because it isn’t coffee and it’s very simple. All you need for this is some hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, plastic to wrap it, and some pretty ribbon. This couple accented with a sticker bearing their new shared last initial. Too cute!

  1. Table Numbers

Probably the easiest aspect of a wedding to do yourself is the table numbers. There’s usually less than 20 of them and they’re small but still personal and cute. The following ideas are some of our favorites.


Probably the easiest DIY table number ever is chalk. It’s ideal for rustic weddings. This idea is so simple, but make sure your numbers are neat and big enough to be read at a distance. Nothing worse than lost, wandering guests.


A very popular DIY table number is the framed ones. They can be done in a variety of different ways an can be dressed up or down. All you need is matching frames and some scrapbook paper, from there the possibilities are literally endless.


The sweetest table numbers are those that are personal reflections of the couple. This couple loved to read, so they used books as table numbers. This is where the creativity, imagination and playfulness of the couple shine!


             Happy crafting!

Event Branding

Branding at events has become so much more than just slapping your logo on something. It can be used in almost any capacity you can think of. From monongrams, gobos, lighting in your brand’s colors, event twitter pages, event hashtags etc. the possibilities are nearly endless, but beware, because sometimes it can be a bit too much and overwhelming to your guests. An event needs to have a brand of its own that not only communicating the company’s message and goals, but also the message and goals of the event itself.   Events that stand-out on their own are more likely to gain the attention of your target audience. Many successful event planners now leave the logos behind and instead create “experiences and environments”.

One of the biggest mistakes that can be made when incorporating branding into an event is the overexposure and saturation of the client logo. It’s no longer enough to simply print the logo onto every paper product, pillow, glassware and plate at the event. There needs to be more substance. For example, a great idea is a gobo with the logo, it’s large enough that it doesn’t really need to be anywhere else except maybe as a screensaver or on a few pillows here and there. Instead of a million small logos everywhere and beating a dead horse, a BIG logo and a few small touches to reiterate the brand is a great new way to create branding at your event.


Another trendy idea in event branding is the “live branding”. A lot of high-end trendy brands like to have models walking around their events dressed in their company colors, holding their products, passing out information, anything that can draw attention to the brand. There is a fine line with this. It can easily go from a great promotion tool to tasteless marketing. It’s best to consider your target audience and the event type before agreeing to this branding tool. But, a pool party sponsored by Brugal would be the perfect opportunity for this type of branding.


Another great branding tool is the use of a red carpet with a step and repeat. It is always a great photo opportunity and having the logo printed ensures that, through that photo and various social media outlets,the brand can reach more than just the attendees at the event. Also, create a hashtag for the event and make sure people know it. They can use it on their photos on Instagram and Facebook and twitter updates.This is another way to promote ad reach people who did not attend, and could hopefully generate excitement and a bigger guest list for next year’s event. This is also a great tool to measure the success of certain elements of the event. After the event, go through the hashtagged posts and see what was most popular and what you could do without next year.


Lighting can be used as branding as well. It’s a subtle touch that reiterates the company, the brand, and the logo without plastering the logo everywhere. Having a gobo projection of the logo onto the wall, with the colors surrounding it, is an elegant way to incorporate the logo using the colors from the lights throughout the room.


The basic idea of branding is to make it memorable. You want to build the excitement before, during, and after the event. Also, be sure to consider the personality of your brand and the personalities of your guests. Take a look at more ideas of successful event branding.

_DSC2429 _DSC2444







Event Furniture

Event furniture is becoming a fast-growing trend. Whether it be a loveseat as opposed to separate chairs at a sweetheart table, couches along a dance floor for guests to rest their feet, taking a dinner party from boring and mundane to fabulous and exclusive, or even specialty chairs dispersed throughout a cocktail hour, or for the CEO of a company at a big corporate meeting, furniture is very versatile and can add a unique touch to any event or gathering.








Sofa Set 1




photo 45

photo 2

Creating a separate area for your guests to lounge or relax at your event is a trend that we love. It allows family and friends to mingle away from their tables, take a break from the dance floor, and enjoy the atmosphere you’ve spent time and effort in creating. It’s a striking addition for indoor and outdoor events to deliver just the right amount of comfort and elegance! When you’re indoors, you can create an amazing atmosphere with lighting and create drama with pipe and drape. Outdoors your lounge can be just as fabulous with tenting structures and loads of candles!

Popping the Question

Getting engaged is one of the happiest moments in a woman’s life and the men usually know how to make it extra special and personalized. Traditionally, proposals have happened at fancy restaurants where the ring was brought out with dessert and the man got down on bended knee next to the woman’s seat. They’ve also traditionally been done on the beach in a heart of rose petals. In 2013, we saw many different ways to propose, but it’s not what you may think. Some are crazy and fun and extravagant, while others are personal and sentimental. Here are a few proposal trends from 2013.

  • Flash Mobs

We’ve all seen them in viral videos on YouTube. From the marriage proposal in the video below that turned into an on-the-spot wedding, to smaller flash mobs just with friends and family. This proposal idea is incredibly creative, but very time consuming. Sure, it’s a complete surprise and it usually ends well and makes everyone viewing the video get teary, but those are just the success stories. Check out this other video, but of a flash mob proposal gone wrong.

 Credit: YouTube

  • Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are no longer for little kids. This is an incredibly romantic way to propose. Most men make sure the clues are hidden in places that are sentimental to the couple; the place they met, their first date, their first kiss, etc. And at the end of the scavenger hunt, there’s her love on bended knee waiting for her. It’s actually quite adorable.

 scavenger hunt


  • Holiday Season

The holidays, for some, are a cliché time to get engaged, but for others it’s a wonderful opportunity. Imagine having all of your loved ones together to celebrate the holidays, and then the proposal happens, right there in front of everything. It just adds to the celebration and happiness of the season.



  • Destination Proposals

Vacations are always a good idea for proposals. It’s so relaxing and it’s away from all of the craziness and stresses of everyday life. A proposal adds to imaginary, dream-like feeling of a vacation. The destination really depends on the personality of the couple. More relaxed, boho chic couples would prefer a beach, tropical escape, while fun-loving kid-at-heart couples would prefer a Disney World proposal.



  • Capturing The Moment

We know about all of these trends because they’ve all been documented and captured. This makes re-telling the story a bit easier as well, it’s also fun to incorporate into the wedding. It’s always nice to be able to look back at this moment and relive it and all of its magic.




Now it’s your turn! What’s your engagement story? We’d love to hear it! And we’ll feature some of them in a future blog post!  Share in the comments.



Wedding Monogram Etiquette

Monograms have become an increasingly popular essential element of modern weddings. They’re timeless and beautiful and can be designed in many different ways. Monograms consist of 1-3 letters representing a person or couple’s initials.


But how much do you really know about monogramming? Did you know that there’s monogram etiquette. Just like table manners, there are people who are judgmental when monogramming etiquette rules are broken. Here are a few simple guidelines to keep in mind.


  1. Single Women: The monogram order to follow is “first initial, last initial, middle initial”. A woman’s monogram font can be curly, whimsical, classic, etc. whatever best suits her personality.  For example: Mary Beth Smith’s monogram would look like:

single woman monogram

  1. Married Women: The monogram order to follow is “first initial, married initial, maiden name initial”. The same rules still apply for letter size and font style.  If Mary married Bill Flowers, her monogram would look like:

    married woman monogram

  2. Men (Married or Single): Monogramming is very popular for men on cufflinks, key rings, glassware, pocket squares, and handkerchiefs. Be cautious in choosing a font for monogramming for a man. Usually a blocky font works well.  For example: Harry Nathan Wilson’s monogram would look like:

    man monogram

  3. Married couple: The monogram order to follow for a married couple is “bride’s first initial, shared last name, groom’s first initial”. The font choice is usually a reflection of the couple.  Wedding monograms are incredibly trendy for cake toppers, gobos, engagement gifts, invitations, etc. For example, Mary and Bill Flowers’ monogram would look like:

    married monogram

These are just some examples of monograms. The possibilities are endless. There are so many options, fonts, styles, etc.  to represent a variety of personalities and occasions. And designing one is incredibly simple and fun. As the fabulous Reese Witherspoon said “My rule is if it’s not moving, monogram it.”