Wedding Color Palettes

One of the first questions we tend to ask our brides are “What are your colors?”.  This sets the tone for the style and vision they are looking to achieve. Now a days the wedding color palettes are endless! However there are a few we tend to see more common than others. In case you missed David Tutera’s article on color palettes found on here is a little recap on a few of the 7 Hot Wedding color palettes!

1. Blues

Blues are soothing, calming and a perfect fit for  “something blue”. Blue hues pair perfectly with white & silver, or even a pewter.


If you’re not too into the cooling colors you may consider something a bit warmer and rather bold such as

2. Red, Orange, & Pink

These tones are fun, bright and set the tone perfectly for a festive night!

red orange and pink color palette

Remember you want to try and limit the number of colors you usually use to no more than 3.

You want to avoid your wedding color palette becoming too busy & juvenile like.

Maybe these all are a bit too out there for your taste, if so you can always go with the a classic & an elegant palette of …

3. Neutrals.

White, ivory, and a touch of gold, pewter, or silver. Rather refined and very traditional.

Stephabie&Jeff_W_EF_00932 copy

These are just a few color palettes, to see more options check out the full article by the man himself! Also note that the 2014 color of the year is said to be radiant Orchid!  We expect to see tons of pretty in purple weddings each with their own personalized touch from the couples.

Happy Planning!

Bring the holidays to life!

It’s the time of the year where everywhere you turn is glistening and bright, there’s beautiful holiday décor and everyone is filled with cheer.

Our society has many celebrations throughout the year however I must say, there’s just something special, and rather magical about events in the month of December.  An abundant amount of people plan social as well as corporate events during this cool winter month. Holiday parties, weddings, social affairs and so much more are taking place everywhere, maybe it’s the high energy of this joyous time that fills the air.

We too have been inspired by this wonderful season, and spotted a few ideas we just had to share. Below are a few samples of transforming a space by using creative ideas combined with strategic lighting effects and décor.

Toronto’s event firm McNabb Roick are using oversized snowflakes, stars and icicles, creating a jaw dropping backdrop on this stage. The beaded curtains, cool hues of lighting and large illuminated trees really bring the winter wonderland to life  . (Photo by Henry Lin – Source:

We also came across this beautiful and a bit more traditional holiday décor. Here the room glows of warmth with the red and amber tones of lighting that contrast beautifully with the emerald green linens. This truly is such an inviting and cozy atmosphere. (This space was transformed by Hargrove Inc. Photo by Juan Carlos Briceno/FotoBriceno. Source:

But do not be fooled lighting is not the only way to add some holiday cheer to your winter event. How about this beautiful grand bar covered in imagines of shiny tree ornaments.  When it comes to large celebrations with an extensive guest count this would be a perfect time to drink big!…  Wait.. I meant to say think BIG! Now get out there and spread some holiday cheer!

(This private holiday event was produced by Hollywood Pop Gallery. Photo: Courtesy of Hollywood Pop Gallery – source:


Dance Floors are no longer bland

As we all know a wedding is the joining of two individuals and the celebration is a direct reflect of both the bride & grooms fabulous personalities which means everything should fit them perfectly! With that said lets take note that the direct reflection of their style shouldn’t end at the dance floor nor does it have to! Out with the old fashion parquetry dance floors and in with practically any dance floor you can think of!

     I mean in all honesty the dance floor is where most of the night is spent, the new couple and all the guests enjoy dancing the night away. Dance floors have become a central and important factor for events. Everyone wants a more aesthetically pleasing option these days, which we must agree with, why not have this large and central focal point tie into your theme, colors, and style. Let me share with you a glimpse of what I mean.

If you’re looking to beat the bland and add some flair to the floor here are a few options to consider,


This black and white beauty is sure to be a hit with either a modern or vintage affaire. It can be elegant or whimsical, imagination is everything!


What about this lavish illuminated dance floor. Isn’t it stunning! Do you know what created this eye catching pattern?

If you said lighting ,then you guessed it! You bet this beauty was created by lighting patterns projected onto the floor giving it this exquisite look. Just another reason why we love lighting so much.

However if you’re looking for a way to really personalize your floor this is a fabulous options, a custom monogram projection! Yet again another wonderful option created by lighting. This allows you to really put your stamp on your wedding and trully make it your own.

monogram dancefloor

You know what else is a huge hit, vinyl dance floor coverings! Yup you can transform almost any dance floor by covering it! This is better know as the ‘wet look’ dance floor. Don’t let it fool you though it doesn’t have to be one solid color, why not add shapes, designs, colors, or even your stamp to it with a custom monogram placed onto the floor, and the possibilities continue!




 These chic and trendy options are just a few of the many dance floor options out there. If you can dream it, we can assist you in creating it. So when planning your next event don’t be scared to dream a little. Dare to be different, step outside of the bland and the so called ‘normal’ Lets bring your dance floor to life! A fabulous floor is guaranteed to get keep your guests not only in awe at the beauty but to be moving and grooving on it because its just such a fun place to be!

Take your tent from ordinary to extraordinary!

Happy Friday everyone! It is the first official day of summer and we are excited! That means everywhere it is time to break out the tents for upcoming events. However we have noticed that some clients have this terrible misconception that tenting their event is a negative when in fact it can actually be quite a wonderful thing! There are so many possible ways to spruce up a tent for an event all you need is just a little tent décor so we wanted to share a few ideas with you.  Take your tent from ordinary to extraordinary!

A tent doesn’t have to bland or ordinary. You can add a wow effect to your tented event with simple yet key additions such as lighting and draping! We know everyone rather see it than hear about it so below are a few photos from previous tented events. Believe us you can take a simple tent and completely transform it into something absolutely stunning.


If you want to keep with the outdoor theme lanterns paired with sheer draping and elegant lighting is the perfect combination. You have the rustic meets modern look. The lighting brightens the space and creates a beautiful glowing ambiance.


Clean and elegant. This particular tent was clear which is always stunning however it is not the only option you have when you’re looking to have a lovely tented event. White tents can be just as fabulous and they can be dolled up with special lighting effects just like the one below!


Talk about fabulous. Truly unique and absolutely wonderful! Lighting works magic I promise!


Another white tent with chandeliers, lighting, and draping. A little can go a long way! If you’re into the classic look and love bling then chandeliers are the way to go. They add romantic lighting and a beautiful twinkle and a touch of sparkle above your guests. You can take any space and any event from ordinary to extraordinary, all you need is the right production team!

That’s all for today, enjoy the weekend everyone!

Lighting is key, transform your event with ligthing!

Hi everyone! We haven’t been as up to date on our blog posts as we would like but don’t worry because that is all about to change and we will be posting all about events, lighting tricks, tips, great venues and so much more!

Well lately we have had the opportunity of working in the beautiful Westin Colonnade of Coral Gables a little more often which has allowed us to collect photos of a variety of celebrations so that we can share them with you. Vendors and planners both know the incredible importance of lighting at an event, and with EVoga being a full production company one of our specialties is lighting. We offer a large variety of lighting from up lighting, to décor lighting, and even special effects lighting. Lighting allows you to take a blank canvas and create just about anything. I believe the photos will tell you better than I can so I have posted a few below.

Here is the Westin Colonnade as is, the set up has begun but no lighting is in place just yet. This is pretty much as a mentioned a “blank canvas”


Here is the Westin Colonnade with a basic up lighting set up. Even up lighting can truly impact a space. It washes the walls in vibrant colors and really brightens up any area! Up lighting is wonderful for just about any event, social, corporate, and weddings. It is not overwhelming or too powerful by any means. It simply adds a beautiful touch.


Now here we have taken it up a notch. This is a stunning lighting set up. The lavish purple lighting fully illuminated the room. This is a combination of up lighting and intelligent moving lights to wash the space with color. You can even see the lovely pattern projections on the walls. Texturing the walls is always a great idea.


Now if you really love lighting then you’re going to love this! This beautiful wedding was created by Lourdes Milian of Lourdes Milian Productions. We took it a step further, why stop at texturizing the walls when you can add patterns to the ceiling too! Aren’t this lavender and baby pink combo simply to die for! Lighting was everywhere and the elegant damask patterns added the perfect touch of classic yet modern to the space. As you can see lighting truly is KEY!


For those who truly love powerful colors and textures then this should hit the spot! The Westin Colonnade was transformed into a winter wonderland. Trees covered the walls and yes it was all done with good ole lighting! The beautiful winter blue was cooling to the space and simply stunning!


Last but not least this is for those of you enjoy warm fiery colors! Same venue of course but with a different look! Warm red and orange lighting with just a hint of purple really warmed up the space. Isn’t it lovely.


So there you go, you have now seen how one venue can look so different with lighting. You can take any space and make it your own, you just need the right lighting and of course the right lighting team! So when choosing a venue for your next event don’t forget that the key is the limit and that we can spruce it up and customize it to fit your wants and needs perfectly.  Remember you’re unique and your event should be too!
Happy planning everyone!

Beautiful Spring wedding in Miami

We are in the midst of Spring and the weddings are just beautiful this time of year in Miami. Outdoor venues are a brides top pick! They love the warm weather and soft ambiance. This was a romantic wedding at The Raleigh on South Beach that we participated in recently. This wedding is a great sample of an outdoor Miami venue. The amber lighting made it soft and elegant along with the fabulous flowing draping hung from the cabanas. This lovely affair was designed by the wonderful Lourdes Milian of Lourdes Milian productions. The gorgeous classic table decor with a twist of South Beach chic was created by A Joy Wallace. Any bride looking for a romantic wedding with elegant modern touches this look is right up her alley. What is not to love about this beauty! Elegant and stunning sums this look up perfectly.

 A little peek into this beautiful Spring wedding in Miami..

Romantic and elegant

photo 4

photo 1

photo 3

photo 2