Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

St Patrick’s Day is here! For most people this means green outfits, green beer, leprechauns and lots of gold!! Chocolate gold that is! For others they are remembering St Patrick and the arrival of Christianity in Ireland But for a selective few they chose this great holiday to share vows and celebrate their love! Having a themed wedding is always a great idea. The real question is how to achieve an elegant wedding look without leaning into the cheesy side. No worries we’re going to share some creative ideas with you!

flower crownBelt

A green wedding dress may not appeal to everyone but a nice flower crown made up of leaves or green florals can not only add a soft beautiful look but will add the perfect amount of green to your dress. Dressing accordingly is a must being unlucky on your wedding day is absolutely unacceptable! If a flower crown isn’t really your style adding a green tone belt or shoes can add just the perfect touch you are looking for.


Green Bridal party dresses are a must! You can really get creative as every green is different. Emerald green, sage, mint all work perfectly.


Going with light green florals and greeny leafs will give you a soft whimsical look which when combined with rustic tones can highlight a very earth forest feel. Creating the perfect setting for your St. Paddy’s Day wedding!


And now time for dessert! Green, white and gold calls for a very elegant and delicious St patty’s cake do not be afraid to step out of your comfort zone light greens or dark combining different color tiers will help you create an luxurious cake VS a very loud all green cake. A hint of flowers will give it just the right amount of romance.