Hello Summer Wedding Palettes!

With Summer officially being here, also comes the transition of colors being used at weddings! For each season there are preferred colors that are “In”. Lets see just how well some of these summer colors mix and how their beauty come to life.

Here are our top 7 favorites!

Yellow, Gray, Silver:

For a more contemporary look, best suited for an outdoors wedding yellow, gray, and silver have become such a popular color scheme to use this summer.


Magenta, Poppy, Yellow:

These beautiful, bright colors are perfect for the summertime. Since these colors pair so perfectly and remind me of flowers, they would blend nicely outdoors with the green grass.


Navy, Yellow, Blue: 

The first thing that comes to my mind when I see navy and yellow is the ocean. These nautical colors are a refreshing mix of palettes for a cool summer day in a garden or even by the ocean.

navy-blue-calla-wedding (1)

Teal, Orange, White: 

There is something so refreshing and happy about teal and when you pair it with a color as tangy and uplifting as orange, followed by the classiness of white, you get an extraordinary combination.


Sapphire Blue & Creme:

Sapphire blue is a very passionate color which speaks volumes. I see this color to be paired beautifully with creme by the water and sand.


Cinnamon, Yellow, Beige:

If you’re the kind of bride that isn’t into bright colors or being so loud, this is definitely the way to go. Cinnamon is warm, yellow is summery and warm as well, and beige is a quiet and pale sandy color. Together, these palettes bring a soft and warm ambient feel to a wedding. Great for summertime!


Purple & Turquoise:

Last but definitely not least, purple and turquoise have made such a statement this summer for top wedding color palettes. The subtle turquoise paired with the very spiritual and beautiful aura of purple make for this divine color combo perfect for summer weddings in or outdoors!

turquoise-and-puruple-wedding-color-inspirations-for-2014-summer-weddings-e1467063110595 (1)

These are some of the summer wedding color ideas that are sure to have you say ‘I DO’.