High Season Event-Tips for Booking Smart


There are a number of things to keep in mind when booking your event in high season. When is high season you may ask? It typically runs from October to May. Rather than tell you what NOT to do,  I will be giving tips for booking your event in high season as well as how not to lose your head in the process.

Booking your event

For starters, you have to decide your budget. This is something that a lot of the times may not cross your mind and we see it all the time when clients start picking and choosing without having a budget. Budgeting for a special event is essential for its success. When you plan accordingly, it’s easier to figure out where to spend your money to make your guests enjoy your soiree without breaking the bank. These special events encompass everything from a family reunion, to corporate events, to a large wedding with hundreds of friends and family. Always remember to leave room in your wallet!

high season

Paying your deposit ahead of time is a big one! If you’re a procrastinator at heart, this is something you should probably mark your calendar, place sticky notes around your house, or set reminders on your phone for. Paying your deposit ahead of time is vital for reserving your date. This way, you can be sure that your special event is reserved and you can sleep at night.

booking your event in high season

One of my personal favorites; RESERVING YOUR VENDORS EARLY. This will be your golden ticket when booking your event in high season. Many times, when you start planning for your special event, there is a back and forth with choosing between 20 different vendors. I think finding one vendor that can provide you with multiple services is the best way to go, and ensures you save a little on labor and delivery fees. When sticking to a one stop shop, they usually have a list of preferred vendors they can suggest for other crucial elements like florals and catering.

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When booking your event in high season, one thing is for certain; things may get a bit stressful. This is where the logistics come into play. Get organizationally focused; so much so that you create a timeline of your special event. The logistics of following through with events also includes small but major details that can make a HUGE difference. Heed weather and/or other potential annoyances that can happen. Remember to take it one step at a time and have a back up plan for everything.

booking your event

By following these tips for booking your event in high season, you are sure to have one of the greatest, hassle-free booking experiences.

The end result will be spectacular!