Spring Forward with Big Vision and Great Performances

As Miranda Priestly said in The Devil Wears Prada “Florals…For spring. Groundbreaking.”.  This spring we want to set aside the typical flowers and pastels we usually see and explore a different angle. Themes of rebirth and renewal express the real purpose of SPRING. Spring also refers to love, hope, youth and growth. In this case, and especially in our time and city, we want to bring new trends and services to make your special event not just beautiful but thought-provoking and modern. There are many details that go into creating a special event, but final touch for a perfect event comes when you decide to incorporate a WOW moment with something new and different.

Let’s start by considering what moment of the event you want to add the WOW factor. There are no rule books for when to do it, we can start right at the kick off of the event: The Ceremony. This the first impression your guests get and it sets the tone for the whole event. An outrageous chuppah can really take your guests breath away and add a touch that is uniquely you. Walking down the aisle is also a magical moment, doing it with fireworks or a special performances can have everyone swooning from the beginning (and you know those photos will be showstopping).

{Event Design by: Bong Group Luxury Weddings}

If you prefer to WOW after ceremony, you can get really creative. Something extravagant and unexpected like a live opera show that unfolds throughout dinner by performers disguised as waiters, live entertainment like a mime, or as modern as LED Screens with images or videos that drive the theme home.

{Event Design by: Bong Group Luxury Weddings}

Usually, clients want to leave the best for last! Anything you do at this time will get the crowd hyped up, that’s why my recommendation will be to breathe new life into the event with a live band performance, laser shows, or even a celebrity performance.

Most importantly, we must really connect and understand your vision so we can manage the whole concept from the initial idea, to creation, to execution. We really want to make sure that the vision you are imagining is executed so flawlessly that not only your guests are delighted but you too are WOWed by these moments. Timing plays the most important part of the process since everyone underestimates the element of surprise and you want them to be knocked off their feet! Finally, we will have to execute the result of what is expected and what you have been imagining all this time to make sure it goes PERFECT.

Last but not least, an event should be two things: innovative or fantastically original. Whether you’re planning a wedding or a corporate gala you must strive to stand out and set new trends so; it will not just make your event something different and out of the norm but it will put our city on the map for innovation in our industry.

Let’s embrace our opportunities with our desires to enjoy a wishful event with a new face and result!