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Idea’s for the perfect Valentine’s Day date!

Valentines day is today! Whether you are spending the day with your significant other,  Having a couples dinner party or maybe spending the day with your favorite ladies! Valentine is a great day to get together with your loved ones and celebrate the greatest thing on earth… LOVE!              … Read more »

Fall Trends

With summer coming to an end and our favorite season just around the corner, we wanted to get a sneak peek of some fall trend ideas so that we know what to expect. Take a look at what we found and see how you can incorporate some fall trends into your wedding planning! Copper Copper… Read more »

What To Expect From Your Wedding Vendors

Your wedding vendors will become your most cherished friends throughout the wedding planning process. You have to put a lot of your trust in them to make your special day all that you’ve dreamed it would be. It can be tough for some brides to make a decision when it comes to who to work… Read more »