Thinking outside the Booth

The photo-booth has come a long way from it’s humble beginnings, what started out as a small curtained booth that gave you four frames to be romantic, goofy, or formal is now so much more than that. Although they lost popularity for some time with all the advances in technology and everyone having a camera right in their pocket, they made a pretty big come back in the world of events. The photo-booth became the unexpected must-have for any and every affair and in the world of events it can be challenging to avoid being a flash in the pan. Today’s hottest event must-have is quickly brushed aside for the innovating new toys of tomorrow.

At the BizBash Expo in Fort Lauderdale yesterday it quickly became obvious to us that the photo-booth isn’t going anywhere. They are more fun and interactive than ever and a sure way to keep your guests engaged and entertained!

Here are our top favorite new photo-booth trends from BizBash Expo South Florida 2016:

The ‘No Booth’ Booth

Gone are the days of the booth with the red curtain, your booth can be whatever you want it to be! A beautiful floral backdrop with a “mirror” across from it that actually has the camera in it so your guests can strike a pose and simultaneously have their pictures taken. Or maybe you are having a themed party, like a flower power 70’s bash, why not make your “booth” the back seat of a VW Beetle like the one offered at Yolo Photos? The possibilities are only limited by your imagination.

evoga events miami

Capture Scope

Capture Pod has a few options to choose from when i comes to photo-booths. At BizBash they launched their newest addition to the line up, Capture Scope. The backdrop is set up along with 9 cameras all lined up and of course we cant forget the fun props! On the count of three jump, throw confetti, blow bubbles, or whatever comes to mind. The finished product is a colorful energetic moment captured in a way you probably have never seen before and once you do see it you’re going to want to jump right back in for another!

The GIF booth

GIFs are rapidly gaining popularity on social media, so it was only a matter of time before they sneaked their way into the event world. At SoBe PhotoBooth there was a beautiful backdrop set and a smile pod that would capture your 3 second burst. Once you are done you can either print a still photograph or send the GIF directly to your social media platforms from an iPad.

evoga gif

So, if you’re looking for a way to wow your guests the photo-booth is still a sure fire way to go. The evolution of the photo-booth has come a long way, and we cant wait to see where it goes next!