Choosing the right dance floor for your event

The dance floor sets the tone for your event and ties the room together. Choosing a dance floor for your event or wedding can make or break the entire event.

Keep in mind that the dance floor is also one of the most photographed locations of an event. Have you ever been to an event where the dance floor is too small, or too big? Or the style of the dance floor doesn’t match with the light fixtures, flowers, or design of the event?

Too often people sacrifice their options for dance floors and choose to use the floor provided by the venue. It really is worth selecting a dance floor as an upgraded rental piece, just as you would a charger or other tabletop item.

Factors to choose the dance floor

In choosing the right style and location for your dance floor, there are certain things you should ask yourself:

  1. What is my budget?
  2. Where will the dance floor go?
  3. How big of a dance floor do you need?
  4. What style complements your event most?

Some people think that the bigger the dance floor the better, however most times, its the opposite.

At any event, for dancing purposes, there are 3 types of guests. There’s the group that will absolutely be dancing no matter what, the group that will likely not be dancing, and the people
that may dance if the situation is right.

When choosing your dance floor size, you want to pick something that will entice this “in between” group to join the fun. These are guests that may want to disappear into the crowd a bit more, something that a giant dance floor doesn’t really allow them to do.

When choosing your dance floor size, bigger isn’t always better.  There are three types of individuals that will attend your event. The ones that will dance, the ones that won’t and the ones that may step on the dance floor if the mood is right. You want to pick something that will entice the “maybes”.

A smaller dance floor gives room for more of an intimate experience. They can interact easier with family and friends, and feel less like they are being put on the spot.

One of our current favorite styles are LED dance floors. It is the perfect addition to any party or space and quickly becomes the center of attention. An all white LED dance floor, for example, will tie the room in an elegant and modern way.

Depending on the space you have available, an LED floor setup can really put your event experience above the rest.  High tech LED dance floors can also be be coordinated with the music creating an unforgettable experience.